All your beneficial fund managers. At your fingertips.

Drawn from your top 1 000 beneficial holders. Allocated to the funds managed.

Feed your database jet fuel

  • Top 1 000 beneficial holdings uploaded monthly.
  • All the actual fund managers responsible for asset allocation added to your database, with funds allocated.
  • Reports on top individual managers, buyers and sellers, geographies, with graphs.
  • Holdings history in profile views.
  • Manage your manager/fund allocations on a granular basis specific to your group.

Find new investors and underweight funds.

  • Choose the peer group companies you want to include.
  • 20 top holdings, not in your register, per peer, with fund manager details available.
  • Comparative table of top holdings across all peers selected, with graph.

Download a summary board report

While the Vault fund manager module drills down to the actual individual fund manager level, a high level PDF report suitable for board meetings will be provided.

Get started with a three month trial.

We will upload your top 1 000 beneficial holdings each month, allocate and research fund managers as required,
and provide data on your selected peers.

When you are comfortable you can elect to take up the service on a monthly subscription basis.

"When it comes to software as a service, Vault is one of the most unique and comprehensive offerings in investor relations software I have seen so far," - Paul Smith, head of Standard Bank's Ignitor incubator