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Vault’s new comms/invite editor bears fruit

The new comms/invite editor enables you to create very professional invitations and results communications from your desktop, in just a few minutes.

  • Your corporate ID colours pre-loaded to your group
  • A set of drag and drop modules specifically designed for IR communications
  • A set of IR focused icons
  • Add full customisable buttons, add to calendar, and easily include document links

Congratulations to the early adopters!


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Your investor database as never looked this good!

A big update on your members view!

An overarching objective was to make the view more useful – now at a glance you can track your interactions with your key fund managers and easily sort by a number of key criteria.

Contact details – telephone and messaging – are available at the top level.

Please pop-in and take a look when you have a mo…we are anticipating adding a layer of analytics on top of the this view  – ie…’You have met with 60% of your key fund managers in the last six months’  – appreciate your views on what would be useful to you.

Function note:  Add tags and edit tags has now moved to the bottom of the edit view…of course only visible to you as admin.


Manage your stock exchange alerts

A small improvement that could make a big difference – thanks again to our clients for the idea:

You can now turn off your automatic stock exchange alerts for as long as you want to.

So let’s say   –  you want to send out your good looking results announcement alerts/files via the Reports tab, and don’t want the messaging clogged up by a duplicated auto SENS release.

Simply click the new tick box in the Announcements tab:)  – then the next day – untick it.

Simple as that!


Meetings rebooted

Vault’s new meetings function makes complying with the JSE note re keeping meeting records incredibly easy.

Keep a detailed database of emails, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings complete with notes, requests and uploaded files.

Download meetings to PDF in a few seconds, all meetings stored, in addition, in the subscribers profile views.


Vault analytics: Jet fuel for your database

Vault’s database analytics module enables you to database all the key investment professionals who have a role in determining the value of your organisation.

  • Every fund manager who holds via beneficial funds, or has held previously, shares in your company
  • Every buy-side analyst active in your sector
  • Every sell-side analyst active in your sector

The way it works:

  • Your Strate beneficial register is uploaded at the end of every month.
  • In the Vault backend every fund has the correct fund managers allocated – and these fund managers are drawn into your group (with their full profiles) based on your beneficial register. (The fund manager allocations are reviewed monthly to ensure accuracy.)
  • The sector buy-side and sell-side analysts are available to you in separate tabs, and you have the option to invite them to join your group.

The buy-sell history of the individual fund managers is available to you in their profile view, together with a record of all events they have attended, and your notes relating to these interactions.


18 500 and counting

Vault’s database has grown to over 18 500 EMEA focused fund managers, analysts, researchers, media, individual investors and client executives.

You might have noticed that the profiles of investment professionals are fully provisioned in the main, thank to our research team.

In addition to the database being cleaned on a daily basis, we have added a new function in the backend that adds incorrectly loaded users (moved on, incorrect email, notification of changed address) to the “bounce” database.

This prevents “bad” records being re-loaded when a new database is added, or if an admin attempts to upload individually.


Governance and risk

A quick thought – can you guarantee to your board that your investor communications are reaching every fund manager or analyst that controls the allocation of your shares?

For peace of mind, Vault’s database analytics module transparently allocates the correct investment professionals to every fund in your top 1 000 holdings so ensuring your investor messaging reaches every important player.

On a day-to-day basis this is crucial to the effectiveness of your messaging  – but when a crisis hits, this will be a life saver!


How Vault event invites avoid the Altzheimers effect

Nothing can be more frustrating than a person who totally forgets your name, company etc every time they make contact.

And, for admins not using the Vault invite module, this is probably exactly how your event invites pan out.

First one  – enter your name, company, dietary preferences.

Next one  –  enter your name, company, dietary preferences.

And so on and so on.

On Vault your invitations are efficiently issued to up-to-date databases, with personalisation options, RSVP’s and declines captured on the fly, multiple locations in a single invite, invitees details and dietary preference pre-captured in the Vault database.

In the past week results presentation invitations went out via Vault for Altron, Aspen, Bidvest and Santam, to mention just a few.

Great comment from the IR admin at  Santam  – “This is just so cool!” 

Aspen IR team: “We love Vault”.


Vault upgrades to PHP 7.2

Vault has been upgraded to the latest version of PHP, the underlying progamming language that runs the Vault that we know and love.

You should experience up 3 x faster user experience, particularly on the pages that have some heavy lifting to do.

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When a black swan arrives…

Over the past months we have seen several clients experience various forms of crises.

Immediately there is a huge uptick in stakeholders wanting to be added to the communications database, and swarms of investors anxious to receive timely updates, immediately they are issued.

In this scenario Vault has proved invaluable, providing a frictionless database registration process and automating the distribution of information, so enabling the IR team to concentrate on the key issues, without getting  bogged down in admin.

Like the legendary black swan, such crises can emerge when least expected; it is reassuring to know you have a resilient platform in place.