Vault Modules

Subscriptions to Vault are modular and available on a quarterly basis, with a one month notice period.

* Core

  • Database managed to zero bounce on a daily basis, in-depth profiles, GDPR compliant.
  • Register for alerts link for your website.
  • Automatic branded stock exchange announcement alerts.

R7 200.00 pm

* ‘Core’ is a required subscription


  • Notify your database of updated calendar items with a single click.
  • Upload and issue alerts for reports, webcasts and online reports in a few seconds. 
  • Create engaging, responsive communications in a few minutes at no extra cost. Link in your choice of downloads, with one click.
  • Cut out admin: Vault seamlessly manages invitation sends, reminders and RSVP’s. All events RSVP’d to stored in member’s profile view for your review.
  • Meetings easily logged and notes added.  Reports and statistics on meetings held.
  • *XML website feeds for Calendar and Documents are an option, pricing is based on complexity required. 

+ R5 000.00 pm

Database analytics

  • Beneficial register uploaded monthly
  • All individual fund managers allocated to all beneficial holdings
  • Dashboard with PDF download
  • All key fund managers
  • Universe of buy and sell-side

+ R3 800.00 pm 

(Plus R560 per register requested)