Vault is built by IRO’s for IRO’s like you.

Vault’s functions have been built through engagement with the top investor relations professionals who have advised and guided us on on how best to provide software that will solve common problems and build value.

Communicate with a 100% accurate database.

We manage your database’s bounces and movements with software and manual interventions on a daily basis so you can be sure that, when you send your alerts, it will be to a 100% up-to-date database.


  • Verification and upload of your database to Vault so GDPR and POPI compliant
  • Register for alerts link for your website

Automatic SENS alerts

Your database will automatically receive branded alerts with a link to the formatted version of every SENS you issue.

Issue alerts of reports and other documents

Issue alerts of reports, documents and document sets, in 30 seconds, to all of segments of your database.

Vault’s software dispatches emails at over 3 000 a minute, so sending is virtually instant.

Invitations and results announcements

Vault’s custom built editor enables you to create attractive templates for your invitations as well as engaging results notifications and other press releases/announcements.

  • Fully responsive for mobile devices
  • Save the date buttons easily added
  • Full RSVP management function

Meetings managed

You will be able to create a template for each forthcoming meeting and then save a permanent record of notes and attendance.

  • Integrated with your database’s profiles
  • Create PDF of multiple meetings with content sorted by topics


Have the profile of every fund manager, who manages any funds vested in your company, at your fingertips.

  • Top buyers and sellers on a monthly basis
  • Holdings tracked in fund manager’s profile
  • Top institutional holders
  • Top beneficial holders
  • Geographic breakdown
  • Access to universe of buy and sell-side in your sector
  • PDF report

Website integration

Push documents to your website via XML feeds, at the same time as you issue an alert, and save time, money and hassle!