Vault moves to Amazon Cloud

Pleased to announce that Vault has successfully moved to hosting on the Amazon Cloud so providing you and your subscribers with the highest level of performance and the optimum levels of security.

Email is routed through Amazon’s SES with a send rate of over 3 000 emails a minute.

Vault now scores an “A” on the GTMetrix performance test.

Technical details relating to the security of the hosting environment:

  •  Isolated Virtual Private Cloud with public & private subnets 
  •  Backend services i.e. server, RDS are deployed in private subnets 
  •  HTTP/HTTPS ports are exposed via Application Load Balancer and CloudFront
  •  EC2 encryption at rest with AWS KMS 
  •  Scheduled snapshot of the data volume of EC2 
  •  RDS MySQL encryption at rest with AWS KMS
  •  Scheduled snapshot of the RDS instance with point-in-time recovery 
  •  OpenVPN to access backend services from the internet
  •  CloudFront is setup with basic DDoS protection and caching functionality