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A fully fledged Vault app will be available soon.. The Vault app will deliver alerts from your choice of South African, Nigerian and Ghaniaan issuers to your smartphone, guaranteeing delivery and reducing email clutter.

Subscriptions to Vault are modular and available on a quarterly basis, with a one month notice period.

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Vault’s new meetings function makes complying with the JSE note re keeping meeting records incredibly easy. Keep a detailed database of emails, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings complete with notes, requests and uploaded files. Download meetings to PDF in a […]

Vault’s database has grown to over 18 500 EMEA focused fund managers, analysts, researchers, media, individual investors and client executives. You might have noticed that the profiles of investment professionals are fully provisioned in the main, thank to our research […]

Over the past months we have seen several clients experience various forms of crises. Immediately there is a huge uptick in stakeholders wanting to be added to the communications database, and swarms of investors anxious to receive timely updates, immediately they are […]