Intelligence that Creates Value

Vault is an easy-to-use, uncomplicated, secure online software platform that provides intelligence to help you increase your company's value.

How Vault works

Qualify. Prospect. Engage.

All the important players at your finger tips.

Vault allocates the correct fund managers and analysts to all of your top institutions and mutual funds.

Find new investors.

Preview the fund managers and analysts engaging with your peers.
Invite them to join your Vault group.

Powerful communication tools.

Vault’s communicator module provides easy-to-use tools to assist you in disseminating strongly branded announcements, calendar dates, newsletters, results and invitations.

A global provider of investor relations software in under-serviced markets.

With 35 000 investors and investment professionals databased, Vault is focused on providing customised investor relations solutions for India, Middle East and Africa’s investor relations executives.

Meet the team

Latest news

Vault CEO, James Hammerton speaks at 2023 Investor Relations conference
James was invited by the Investor relations society to be a panel member...

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Micky Du rebrands Vault
With over 20 years experience in Brand Identity design and advertising, Micky has handled Creative Director roles at two of WPP’s leading agencies...

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Experiencing multiple bounces from your email communications?
Every minute of every day, Vault works to ensure your database is 100% accurate when you send out your messages...

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