Benefits, problems solved and opportunites

#1 Benefit
All your fund managers at your fingertips

With Vault, you can view all the fund managers that control your shares, their funds, and any movement in your holdings, updated monthly.

So you can assure your executive that you can reach every fund manager controlling your shares at any time.

While this insight is valuable, it could be invaluable in times of crisis.

#2 Problem solved
100% confidence in your database

A stakeholder database maintained in Excel or Outlook can present multiple issues, at the very least an administrative headache.

In addition, realistically, with all the best intentions, it is nigh on impossible for an IR team to keep track of bounces and movements their investor community.

With Vault, you can expect your data to be 99.9% accurate at all times, thanks to a combination of software and human intervention.

#3 Opportunity
Build value, engage with potential new investors

Vault puts the fund managers and analysts who control shares in your peers at your fingertips.

You can view their holdings in your peers, track the relevant weighting and track movements.

And of course, you can elect to engage with those managers and analysts, whom you believe best suited for your investment case.

Much more to Vault...

Vault is built with the advice of the top IR professionals in India and Africa and so of course there is more to the platform in addition to the benefits, problems solved, and opportunities outlined above.

To name a few functions: An easy-to-use communications editor, a meetings manager, automated distribution of stock exchange announcements...

You might want to explore HOW IT WORKS or take a look at the SUBSCRIPTION OPTIONS