The investor relations (IR) landscape is constantly evolving.

Feedback from our discussions with IR professionals is that many traditional IR platforms have these issues:
Clunky Interfaces:
Legacy platforms often suffer from unintuitive navigation and unwieldy user interfaces. This makes it difficult for IR professionals to find the information they need and efficiently utilize the platform's features.
Slow and Outdated Technology:
Some legacy platforms are plagued by slow performance and outdated interfaces, hindering productivity and user experience.

The New Generation of IR Tools:

New, user-centric platforms are emerging to address these shortcomings.
Intuitive interfaces:
Designed with user experience in mind, these platforms prioritize simple navigation and clear data visualization.
Targeted communication:
Tailored messaging based on investor preferences and behavior patterns.
Proactive engagement:
Identifying potential concerns and addressing them before they arise.
Measurable results:
Tracking the effectiveness of IR campaigns and making data-driven adjustments (if applicable).

At The Vault , we understand the changing needs of IR professionals. Through constant feedback, innovation, and research, we strive to be the SaaS platform that meets the demands of the modern IR landscape.

Vault CEO, James Hammerton speaks at 2023 Investor Relations conference

James was invited by the Investor relations society to be a panel member for a discussion on "The rising role of media channels and other platforms for IRO’s", moderated by Bronwyn Nielsen.

The discussion brought to light that companies need to find new ways of displaying their financial data in order to reach day traders and retail investors who tend to be SENS averse and whose buy/sell behaviour can be influenced easily through media articles wether factual or not.

The panelists all stressed the need for listed companies to de-silo their comms, IR and executive teams to strategise properly and minimise over reactive responses during crises.

It was also highlighted that there is no "one size fits all" approach that listed companies should be using to communicate with their stakeholders and should instead use multiple overlapping platforms to cater for various segments of their audience .

Micky Du rebrands Vault

With over 20 years experience in Brand Identity design and advertising, Micky has handled Creative Director roles at two of WPP’s leading agencies in Asia Pacific – Ogilvy & Mather Advertising Worldwide and The Brand Union, an international branding consultancy in Singapore.

His work have appeared in international graphic design publications like “Print”, “Graphique Étape” and “Communication Arts”.

We were thrilled that Micky agreed to work with us as we re-brand Vault with the positioning of "Intelligence Creates Value."

Experiencing multiple bounces from your email communications?

Every minute of every day, Vault works to ensure your database is 100% accurate when you send out your messages.

There are a number of ways in which this can happen.

Members on Vault only have one profile, but are likely to belong to multiple company groups, so they will receive regular email alerts.

In Vault, we monitor bounced emails twice a day with software and manual interventions, and you will be notified when a member in your group has been removed.

It is possible for members to update their details, including their email address, as can the designated administrative investor relations executives.