About Vault

Vault’s new meetings function makes complying with the JSE note re keeping meeting records incredibly easy. Keep a detailed database of emails, telephone calls and face-to-face meetings complete with notes, requests and uploaded files. Download meetings to PDF in a […]

Vault’s database analytics module enables you to database all the key investment professionals who have a role in determining the value of your organisation. Every fund manager who holds via beneficial funds, or has held previously, shares in your company […]

Vault’s database has grown to over 18 500 EMEA focused fund managers, analysts, researchers, media, individual investors and client executives. You might have noticed that the profiles of investment professionals are fully provisioned in the main, thank to our research […]

A quick thought – can you guarantee to your board that your investor communications are reaching every fund manager or analyst that controls the allocation of your shares? For peace of mind, Vault’s database analytics module transparently allocates the correct investment professionals to every fund in […]

Vault has been upgraded to the latest version of PHP, the underlying progamming language that runs the Vault that we know and love. You should experience up 3 x faster user experience, particularly on the pages that have some heavy […]

Over the past months we have seen several clients experience various forms of crises. Immediately there is a huge uptick in stakeholders wanting to be added to the communications database, and swarms of investors anxious to receive timely updates, immediately they are […]